Infrastructure Monitoring 

With NeuSwyft’s infrastructure monitoring solution built with industry standard open source platform, users have a fully integrated solution to manage backend processing on IBM i, enabling early warnings of any Java processes not running as expected. M3 (Movex) users can fully automate a process of typical checks to identify issues and our services/API's can notify the right people so that appropriate actions can be taken.


  • Manages all your servers that host the complete ERP solution. For example Infor M3 environment, including output management, M3 Enterprise Collaborator (MEC), Workplace, LBI, and more

  • Monitors ServerView to ensure all the individual auto-start jobs area active

  • Checks that various Java threads and subsystems are active when your business requires them

  • Monitors to ensure that required web servers are active

  • Checks for expected webpage content

  • Ensures all necessary JAVA threads are active and raises an alert if any are missing

  • Tracks active ports for various jobs and threads

  • Monitors web and email services, disk space, CPU, memory, hubs, routers, switches, and any SNMP device

  • Ensures mandatory jobs are running in your systems

  • Checks that business intelligence cubes are updated when expected


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