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Our ESB built on top of industry leading open source platform can provide system integrators with the capabilities they need to meet present day challenges. It also provides the flexibility to take advantages of the trends of enclosed in separate components, resulting in a reliable solutions that can be customized to meet the needs of different architectures. Components can also be easily added onto the ESB at a later stage with minimal code or configuration. This can be done with no modification required to the existing system.This unique design in itself makes an ESB a compelling platform. 


The core features of an ESB allow it to provide a many advantages when implemented as part of a system integration solution. An ESB is easy to expand. An ESB allows system integrators to create an application system right way and when a new application is ready, all they need to do to initialize it into the infrastructure is hook it up with the host.

An ESB is Scalable. Unlike other architectures, ESB functionality can easily be distributed across a geographically network as needed. Additionally, because individual components are used to offer each feature, it is much simpler and cost-effective to ensure high availability and scalability for all parts of the architect.

An ESB is also SOA-friendly. System integrators that work with companies interested in migrating to a SOA can do so incrementally. Starting with an ESB, allows these organizations to continue to use their existing system while plugging in reusable services as they implement them.

Our offerings on NeuSwyft ESB

Location Transparency

Centrally configure endpoints for messages so that a consumer application does not require information about a message producer in order to receive messages


Convert messages into a format that is usable by the consumer application

Protocol Conversion

An ESB accepts messages sent in all major protocols, and convert them to the format required by the end consumer


The ability to determine the appropriate end consumer or consumers based on both pre-configured rules and dynamically created requests


An ESB provides an easy method to monitor the performance of the system, the flow of messages through the ESB architecture, and a simple means of managing the system in order to deliver true value.


ESB security involves two main components – making sure the ESB itself handles messages in a fully secure manner, and negotiate between the security assurance system used by each of the applications that will be integrated.

Services And Advantages NeuSwyft can Provide

Reduce point to point Integrations

Eliminates costly, time-intensive point-to-point integration, enabling business agility for SaaS companies, system integrators and enterprises of all sizes

Leading platform for solving the integration pain across the entire cloud and on-premise continuum

The most widely used integration platform as a service (iPaaS), offering the easiest way for enterprises to integrate SaaS applications with each other or to on-premise applications, as well as allowing SaaS providers to build and offer packaged integration applications that automate business processes across applications.


Ready Connectors 
Out-of-the-box connectivity to hundreds of enterprise and SaaS applications 

Comprehensive API Solution

A comprehensive solution for designing, building, publishing, securing, managing and monetizing internal services and external APIs, as well as engaging the developer community around APIs:

Unified development experience

Eclipse Based Studio

Graphical design environment for creating integration flows, making any developer into an integration developer


Simple yet powerful graphical data mapping and transformation, enabling point-and-click data integration for SaaS and on-premise applications


The easiest and most accessible way to build integration applications for deployment either on-premise or in the cloud


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