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The core features of an integration platform allows it to provide many advantages when implemented as part of a system integration solution. An integration platform is easy to expand, and allows system integrator to create an application system on-the-go, when a new application is ready. 


Unlike other architectures, integration platform functionality is scalable. Furthermore, since the individual components are used to offer each feature, it is much simpler and cost-effective to ensure high availability and scalability for all parts of the architecture.

Some of sample integrations, we can enable

  • Inventory & Product Catalog API integration for Multi Channel Enablement

  • Warehouse Management Systems Integration

  • Order & Delivery Management integration

  • B2B Integration

  • EDI Transformations

  • Finance Process Integration and Automation

  • 3PL Automations

  • Trade & Logistics Integrations

  • Product Life-cycle Management Integrations

  • Excel based uploads into your ERP. 


Please contact us for discovery session for defining areas of improvements and recommendations for your particular use cases. 

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