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Liquor Store

Case Study: British Columbia Liquor Distribution Branch


Use Case:

On-boarding 3rd party liquor stores to transact digitally and integrating in-house ERP systems with Warehouse Management Systems.

Company Synopsis:

  • Industry: Retail

  • One of the biggest wholesale distributor and retail seller of beverage alcohol and non-medical cannabis.

  • Contributes over $1 billion annually to the BC province.

  • Employs over 4600 full time and part time employees.

  • Project: Developing an architecture that supports scaling of non-government liquor stores to integrate to the BC LDB platform through single sign-on and transact digitally by creating custom products.

Key challenges

  • The lack of a robust architecture and integration led to data loss for 3rd party liquor stores.

  • Loss of revenue caused due to warehouse management systems not tracking real-time inventory and payments.

  • Need for a new system that collects transaction data of 3rd party systems accurately.


  • Developed custom APIs using technologies such as Spring, JMS, Object Store Persistence etc. to access real-time and accurate information about each 3rd party store’s transaction history and inventory levels.

  • Integrated existing ERP system of Oracle with warehouse management systems, inventory management systems and financial systems to automate payments tracking, inventory levels and transaction data.


  • Accurate reporting for BC Liquor Distribution Branch, allowing for accurate payments and increase in revenue.

  • 3rd party stores are now enabled to submit their order data and maintain accurate record of payments and inventory levels.

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