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NeuSwyft can manage your core fashion processes, while keeping you up-to-date with the latest market trends. What we provide is an end-to-end integrated PLM software with supply chain management suite all built on a cloud. We promise a great supply chain visibility, centralized information and logistics operations for your manufacturing and distribution.

Value Provided:

The fashion industry is ever evolving with trends such as digitization, sustainability & inclusive-fashion gaining dominance over the recent years. With most brands having complex global supply-chain processes that spans across  manufacturing, demand forecast & life-cycle management, inventory management and distribution, fashion is a hard industry to crack, but rest assured we got you covered from head to toe.

Fashion is a challenging industry. Brands are constantly plagued by changing trends, evolving technology, and economic volatility on a global scale. Along with that, businesses need to be mindful of cost-efficiency and pursue growth to ensure profitability. 

Since its inception, fashion has been plagued by a number of problems. However, modern brands are taking things in their own hands and developing digital remedies to fight off the challenges. 

The Barriers of Growth 

Many factors hold back the growth brands aim for. The significant ones include-

Lack of Visibility

The fashion industry suffers from a lack of visibility, big time. The main area where accountability fails is the diverse and distributed supply chains of brands. Your t-shirts may be sewed in Vietnam, packed in India, and sold in the US, covering countless stages. 

Most businesses in fashion don't have full visibility over their supply chain. As a result, lack of transparency, unnecessary costs, and waste are common.

Changing Consumer Trends

Consumers today are not satisfied with being a mute purchaser. They are now influencing trends, demanding instant services, and looking to influence brands. Naturally, not being able to cater to the changing preferences of customers is a big drawback. 

Additionally, brands end up with products that they can't sell.

Lengthy Time to Market

Businesses that sell the quickest always win the race! However, the fashion industry is plagued by inconsistent and long sales cycles. This happens due to many reasons, including lack of control over the supply chain. 

Additionally, data silos and the absence of accountability are among the top concerns.

Mismanagement of Inventory

Today most brands sell online to take advantage of a huge base of potential customers. Along with that, the traditional channels of distribution are also functional. 

However, there's often a mismatch between inventory at the warehouse and in the company's spreadsheets. The lack of a central database that syncs with all distribution channels in real-time is a big drawback and hampers profitability.


How NeuSwyft Can Help 

The fashion industry is ever-evolving with trends such as digitization, sustainability & inclusive-fashion gaining dominance over the recent years. 

With most brands having complex global supply-chain processes that span across manufacturing, demand forecast & life-cycle management, inventory management, and distribution, fashion is a hard industry to crack, but rest assured we got you covered from head to toe.

Traceable Supply Chain

Legacy systems fail to meet the needs of changing times. Additionally, they operate in silos and obscure the bigger picture. 

NeuSwyft can use smart digital solutions like ERP and PLM to establish end-to-end visibility and boost transparency. You can solve all your accessibility issues and manage your supply chain from the cloud. 

Moreover, suppliers will be more likely to meet lead times, with a reduction of wastes and costs.

Forecast Demand

NeuSwyft can use analytics and insights-driven from audience engagement platforms to track the preferences of consumers. Big data can help in the process and enable your designers to understand what customers want. This can be done on a global scale to support your international operations.

The data-based insights help you predict the next big trend and take full advantage of the market.

Quicker Time to Market

End-to-end digital transformation by NeySwyft can help you sell faster. That's what we did for our client Brooks, a leading name in the sportswear industry. Our team implemented end-to-end ERP systems spanning all locations for better data accuracy and transparency.

Additionally, Brooks was also able to boost productivity and cut back charge-backs

Optimum Count of Inventory

Digital transformation is the ideal way to get your inventory management back on track. NeuSwyft can integrate all your systems spread across different locations for accurate inventory counts. We did the same for Brooks, who was able to improve order management and create insightful reports.


Seamless Digital Transformations for the Fashion Industry

​NeuSwyft can help you traverse the path of digital transformation to solve your challenges. However, that's not where the benefits stop. You can also-


Achieve Growth

Digital transformation is the path of growth for modern brands. It helps your business achieve long-term efficiency and react quickly to market changes. You can also get full control of your value chain, ensuring accountability for each step of your supply chain.


Offer Value

Being digitally advanced allows you to create strong brand-consumer relationships. You can take an active part in shaping trends and influencing the preferences of your customers. Your business can fully engage on all platforms, including social media, to bring more value to your consumers' tables. 

Win Competitive Edge

The fashion industry is still moving at a slow pace towards digital transformation. You can cut the race and transform quickly to beat your competitors at the game! Our team is always here to guide you towards achieving your business objectives. 


Neuswyft offers expertise across end-to-end use cases within the fashion industry. Through our software partners and integrated processes, we offer:

  • Product design & product life-cycle management

  • Demand forecasting & expiry management.

  • Customer order management & product cataloging

  • Integration with warehouse management systems 

  • Inventory management

  • Financial process automation & reconciliation

  • Business intelligence & analytics through data integration


Just get in touch with us to know how we can help


Retail Shoes Industry.jpeg

Case Study: Brooks Sports

Use Case:

Systems integration and unification across all systems, processes and locations to achieve supply chain efficiency.


Company Synopsis:

  • Industry: Fashion


  • Leaders in running shoes for Environmental Stewardship and Eco-friendlier Technology


  • 500+ employees 


  • Project: ERP implementation and data integrations with standardization across product lifecycle management, order management, warehouse management and finance process automation.

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