NeuSwyft can manage your core fashion processes, while keeping you up-to-date with the latest market trends. What we provide is an end-to-end integrated PLM software with supply chain management suite all built on a cloud. We promise a great supply chain visibility, centralized information and logistics operations for your manufacturing and distribution.

Value Provided:

The fashion industry is ever evolving with trends such as digitization, sustainability & inclusive-fashion gaining dominance over the recent years. With most brands having complex global supply-chain processes that spans across  manufacturing, demand forecast & life-cycle management, inventory management and distribution, fashion is a hard industry to crack, but rest assured we got you covered from head to toe.


Neuswyft offers expertise across end-to-end use cases within the fashion industry. Through our software partners and integrated processes, we offer:


  • Product Design & Product Life-cycle Management.

  • Demand Forecasting & Expiry Management.

  • Customer Order Management & Product Cataloging

  • Integration with Warehouse Management Systems 

  • Inventory Management

  • Financial Process Automation & Reconciliation

  • Business Intelligence & Analytics through Data Integration

Retail Shoes Industry.jpeg

Case Study: Brooks Sports

Use Case:

Systems integration and unification across all systems, processes and locations to achieve supply chain efficiency.

Company Synopsis:

  • Industry: Fashion


  • Leaders in running shoes for Environmental Stewardship and Eco-friendlier Technology


  • 500+ employees 


  • Project: ERP implementation and data integrations with standardization across product lifecycle management, order management, warehouse management and finance process automation.

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