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Food & Beverage

Whether you produce perishable food, or beverages such as beer,  Neuswyft's integrations are  designed to help you manage the complexities of your supply chain—from forecasting demand to managing production schedules and delivering your final product to the shelves.
Infor's Food & Beverages ERP can help you fulfill all your food and beverage demands.​ Bring products to market faster while meeting regulatory requirements and satisfying consumer demands. Get deep functionality for specialized needs, from tank scheduling and attribute management to track and trace, disassembly planning, and more.

Value Provided:

Our integrations using software partners such as Infor, helps you take control of operations and control costs to meet the unique challenges of perishable food industry. Since the solutions are focuses on yield optimization, demand planning, and asset management, you’ll be able to maximize your use of raw materials, while maintaining complete traceability and food safety across your entire value chain.

Challenges of the Food & Beverages Industry

Low-Visibility Supply Chains

Consumers today are not satisfied with just delicious food or beverages. They are particularly concerned about what they put into their bodies. Today, customers want to know how their food is grown, where it is grown, and what's in it. 

The food industry with opaque supply chains is unable to cater to this customer empowerment. Businesses seldom have the means to ensure traceability or accountability of products. Naturally, this leads the company to fall out of favor. 


How NeuSwyft Can Help

Our specialized ERP for food and beverages is the ultimate solution to increase visibility. You can establish accountability and trace your products from origin to the table or shelves. Advanced technologies like blockchain can even provide information about each stage a product passes in the supply chain. 

Inability to Forecast Demand

Inaccurate demand prediction can lead to big losses in the food industry. If you deal with perishable items, not being able to make out the demand can result in unnecessary wastage. The task is not simple, as businesses need to consolidate data from disparate locations and sources. Additionally, many problems make matters worse-

  • Long lead times of raw materials

  • Pricing uncertainties

  • High competition

How NeuSwyft Can Help

NeuSwyft can implement solutions and integrations to unite your data sources. Our APIs enable a seamless flow of data across several channels to help you generate powerful insights. You can also identify trends and patterns to gauge market demand in real-time. 

Our digital transformation initiative for Champion Pet Foods helped the company predict demand in real-time. We were able to integrate data from different countries to improve demand forecasting and reduce inventory holding costs by 20%.


Inventory Mismanagement

A lot of waste in the food and beverage industry is due to improper managing of inventory. The process of tracking inventory is not simple and lands many businesses in trouble. Several locations, distributed suppliers, seasonal customer demand- the challenges are many.

Additionally, businesses have to deal with the risk of contamination and expiry dates. Moreover, reconciling payments and invoicing across locations is also a problem. 

How NeuSwyft Can Help

The same solutions we use to improve demand predictability and supply chain visibility help you to improve inventory management. Businesses can also choose advanced inventory management solutions to track inventory across countless locations or countries. We have an exceptional ERP for food and beverages that specifically caters to the industry's pain points.

Our effort enabled Champion Pet Foods to attain accurate stock keeping. We implemented specific systems for demand planning and expiry management. Additionally, our data integration led to superior reconciliation of payments and invoicing across 90 countries. As a result, Champion was able to reduce charge-backs by 15%. The consolidation of data spanning all facilities even helped them create savings of over $1 million.


Businesses in food and beverages can't get away from rules and regulations. Being unable to comply not only lands you in legal troubles but also impacts customer satisfaction. On top of that, the spread-out nature of supply chains makes matters worse.

How NeuSwyft Can Help

It's much easier to ensure compliance when you have a complete picture of your operations. Whether it's the country of origin or country of sale, you can meet all regulations without breaking a sweat. Improved accountability also helps, and no part of your value chain escapes scrutiny. 

You can continue to offer your products with complete peace of mind once you transform digitally. Even if something is not per the law, it becomes much easier and quicker to identify the issue.

Unleash Growth and Profitability

NeuSwyft is a leading digital transformation driver for the food and beverage industry. Our integrations, using software partners such as Infor, help you take control of operations and control costs to meet the unique challenges of the perishable food industry. 

Since the solutions focus on yield optimization, demand planning, and asset management, you'll be able to maximize your use of raw materials while maintaining complete traceability and food safety across your entire value chain.

We prepare your business to serve the complex demands of your customers. You can cater to their changing preferences and show where your products exactly come from. Being able to predict demand in real-time eliminates waste, reduces cost, and improves profits. You can gain full visibility into your supply chain and create 100% accountability. 

Our specialized implementations help you keep track of stock and manage inventory accurately. You can also consolidate your payments and invoicing from as many locations you want. Ultimately, our digital transformation helps you become agile and react to market changes much faster. 

We support you through:

  • Demand forecasting & planning

  • Tank scheduling for the beverage industry

  • Product life-cycle management

  • Customer order management & expiry management

  • Inventory & warehouse management systems

  • API integration with pos systems for real-time stock-keeping

  • Distributor & retail management

Get in touch with us today to drive growth and innovation for your business. 

Pet food - final.jpeg

Case Study: Champion PetFoods


Use Case:

Supply chain transformation through process automation, demand forecasting & efficient inventory management.

Company Synopsis:

  • Industry: Food & Beverage


  • Global leader in pet food manufacturing with operations spanning across 90 countries.


  • 500+ employees, 400,000 tons of production


  • Project:  Implementation of cloud infrastructure by integrating Infor ERP to align demand forecasting, manufacturing, global distribution, and waste reduction, thereby achieving operational efficiency.

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