Food & Beverage

Whether you produce perishable food, or beverages such as beer,  Neuswyft's integrations are  designed to help you manage the complexities of your supply chain—from forecasting demand to managing production schedules and delivering your final product to the shelves.
Infor's Food & Beverages ERP can help you fulfill all your food and beverage demands.​ Bring products to market faster while meeting regulatory requirements and satisfying consumer demands. Get deep functionality for specialized needs, from tank scheduling and attribute management to track and trace, disassembly planning, and more.

Value Provided:

Our integrations using software partners such as Infor, helps you take control of operations and control costs to meet the unique challenges of perishable food industry. Since the solutions are focuses on yield optimization, demand planning, and asset management, you’ll be able to maximize your use of raw materials, while maintaining complete traceability and food safety across your entire value chain.

We support you through:

  • Demand Forecasting & Planning

  • Tank Scheduling for Beverage Industry

  • Product Life-cycle Management

  • Customer Order Management & Expiry Management

  • Inventory & Warehouse Management Systems

  • API integration with POS systems for real-time stock-keeping

  • Distributor & Retail Management

Pet food - final.jpeg

Case Study: Champion PetFoods

Use Case:

Supply chain transformation through process automation, demand forecasting & efficient inventory management.

Company Synopsis:

  • Industry: Food & Beverage


  • Global leader in pet food manufacturing with operations spanning across 90 countries.


  • 500+ employees, 400,000 tons of production


  • Project:  Implementation of cloud infrastructure by integrating Infor ERP to align demand forecasting, manufacturing, global distribution, and waste reduction, thereby achieving operational efficiency.

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