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Today’s retailers face a complex marketplace that is propelled not only by technological advances, brand uniqueness, growing competition, price pressure, changing legislation, and lingering economic uncertainty—but also a new, more   savvy consumer. Shoppers now have instant access to product information, consumer reviews, and price comparisons

Value Provided:

To thrive in this landscape, retailers need to build relationships with their customers by offering the most superior services. It’s not just about challenging the status quo, it’s about building a future-proof groundwork so that when the status quo inevitably changes, you can always keep ahead of the curve. By partnering with cutting-edge services, Infor Retail is offering all of the unique features that today’s businesses need to satisfy  customers.By leveraging machine learning, cloud flexibility, holistic supply chain insights, and a beautiful interface that changes based on context, we’re ensuring that every retailer can stay nimble enough for perpetual evolution.

Even within the standardized realm of retail, every business is bound to have quirks that most software services can't address. Backed by the power of Amazon Web Services' cloud infrastructure, Infor Retail gives customers a secure, efficient, and flexible way to deploy their software platforms. And by leveraging our micro-vertical software suites, Infor Retail partners are empowered to design and build their own applications that can address even the most specific business issues.

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Case Study: Brooks Sports

Use Case:

Digital transformation of retail stores and e-commerce storefront for inventory management and conversion.

Company Synopsis:

  • Industry: Retail

  • Leaders in running shoes for Environmental Stewardship and Eco-friendlier Technology

  • 500+ employees 

  • Project: System and data integration with RICS retail and Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

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