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As an equipment dealer, rental company or service provider in the construction, agriculture, industrial or transportation industries you are without a doubt handling some of the heaviest pieces of equipment around the globe. The demands placed on your equipment might also be just as heavy as the market and customer demands. To help you keep up, you need tools for control and efficiency for every piece of equipment you sell rent or service.  With one integrated system, you'll have the visibility you need to run your business more profitably.

Value Provided:

To be a successful dealer in any field, you need to know your customers’ equipment better than they do. It's the only way you can deliver market leading service and propelling customer care. But that's not all—you also need to deliver on your commitments more quickly and accurately than your competition.

Challenges Faced by the Equipment Rental Industry

Lack of Visibility and Control

The countless stakeholders and distributed nature of the equipment industry is a big challenge to businesses. Not having proper insights into your rental equipment leads to loss of productivity and inefficiency. On top of that, dissimilar systems and huge data silos also end up affecting your operations. 

Lack of control and visibility is often the root cause of all barriers to growth.

How Can NeuSwyft Help

End-to-end ERP systems designed for the equipment industry is the first step to unite your operations. Coupled with seamless integrations, we can consolidate data from varied and distributed sources. You get a holistic overview of all your equipment across all locations, including those rented out to customers.

Gaining complete visibility eliminates inefficiencies and improves management. You can even boost performance and reduce waste to improve your profitability.


Inefficient Inventory Management

Your inventory is a significant investment made up of heavy machinery and equipment. However, most businesses suffer from ineffective inventory management. The lack of visibility is the leading cause, with added other factors like dispersed locations, distributed warehouses, and disparate data.

Additionally, most businesses can't predict demand accurately. 

How Can NeuSwyft Help

We can implement specialized ERP for the equipment industry that is developed to resolve your pain points. Our team can integrate data from disparate sources, including third-party apps used by your partners. 

Additionally, we can develop custom workflows to source and process data from different channels. This is what we did for Finning CAT, the largest provider of Caterpillar heavy machinery in the world. 

The benefits included-

  • Accurate inventory counts

  • Improved inventory management

  • Reduced costs

Along with that, Finning CAT generated vital insights using analytics. The company was also able to predict demand in real-time and improve revenues.

Inadequate Maintenance and Repairs

Businesses need to ensure their equipment is up and running. Timely maintenance and repairs ensure your stock performs efficiently without any issues. Naturally, most companies have a maintenance schedule and workflow to protect capital tied up with inventory.

However, this is not what happens in reality. Most businesses don't have a proper way to track the status of their equipment. What happens in the ground stays in the ground due to a lack of connectivity. As a result, businesses can't deal with problems or breakdowns on time.

How Can NeuSwyft Help

Maintenance becomes easy when you can track every piece of your equipment. We help businesses get the real status of their machines by uniting data across stakeholders. Any issue reported from the ground reaches you instantly - for a timely response. We can help your business become proactive and avoid costly breakdowns.

Finning CAT, for instance, were also able to improve breakdown management and swap-outs. You can even implement your maintenance schedules much effectively and avoid costly replacements. Today, businesses can use AI and sensors to get real-time updates on their equipment's status and performance. 

Evolving Customer Preferences

Globalization has increased the need for even the equipment industry to change. Now a customer, even in a remote location, has several choices for renting equipment. The concept of a single business serving the entire region is not applicable anymore.

On top of that, customers demand instant services with increasing privileges like ecommerce and personalized service. Not being able to adapt means losing out business. 

How Can NeuSwyft Help

Analytics and business intelligence tools by NeuSwyft can help you understand what your customers want. You can approach and serve a customer on his preferred channel with highly personalized and context-driven experiences. 

We have several solutions in our bag to help you evolve with your customers. Ecommerce, customer lifecycle management tools, advanced analytics- just ask us! 

We will equip you with modern technology to become agile and flexible for aligning with ever-changing customer preferences. 

Transform Digitally with NeuSwyft

To be a successful dealer in any field, you need to know your customers’ equipment better than they do. It's the only way you can deliver market-leading service and propelling customer care. But that's not all— you also need to deliver on your commitments more quickly and accurately than your competition.

Work with us to foster digital innovation for unmatched growth and revenue boost. Tune into the modern ways of doing business to beat your competitors and generate more business. We can help you transform digitally with a customized plan focusing on your unique pain points. We know the equipment industry like no one else and are your best partners to usher growth. 

We help you deliver through:

  • Equipment maintenance and scheduling management

  • Order and workflow management

  • Integration with 3rd party software - VisionLink

  • Customer life-cycle management

  • Business intelligence & analytics through data integration

Get in touch with us to discuss your project. Our team is eager to empower your business and nudge you towards becoming a leading name.

Loading Grain into Mixer

Case Study: Finning CAT

Use Case:

Implementation of ERP Solution for Scaling of Global Operations and Utilization Planning


Company Synopsis:

  • Industry: Equipment Rental


  • World’s largest Caterpillar dealer in selling, renting and servicing equipment across industries such as mining, construction, petroleum etc.


  • 13,000+ employees, operating in North & South America and Europe.

  • Project: Integration of M3 collaborator, system integration with 3rd party software and upgrading existing ERP to latest version of Infor M3.

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