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Sports Socks

Case Study: Brooks

Use Case:

Digital transformation of retail stores and e-commerce storefront for inventory management and conversion.

Company Synopsis:

  • Industry: Retail

  • Leaders in running shoes for Environmental Stewardship and Eco-friendlier Technology

  • 500+ employees 

  • Project: System and data integration with RICS retail and Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

Key challenges

  • Incorrect inventory data reflecting on e-commerce storefront.

  • Standardizing and cataloging SKUs for better customer experience. ​

  • Gather customer purchase data for future promotions and personalization, leading to repeat purchases.​

  • Product recommendation and improve conversion.​

  • Connect e-commerce store payments to warehouse inventory data and finance reconciliation data.


  • Data integration using event driven design for real-time inventory updation and reporting.​

  • Integration of RICS POS software for inventory management & cataloging. ​

  • Integration Demandware – Salesforce Commerce Cloud for customer profiling and reporting. 


  • Improved inventory management led to reduced product stock-outs and refunds. ​

  • AI recommendations from Commerce Cloud improved overall customer conversion.​

  • Better standardization and catalog of over million SKUs, leading to faster delivery, and operations productivity.

Brooks Sports
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