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dog food

Case Study: Champion PetFoods

Use Case:


Supply chain transformation through process automation, demand forecasting & efficient inventory management.

Company Synopsis:

  • Industry: Food & Beverage


  • Global leader in pet food manufacturing with operations spanning across 90 countries.


  • 500+ employees, 400,000 tons of production


  • Project:  Implementation of cloud infrastructure by integrating Infor ERP to align demand forecasting, manufacturing, global distribution, and waste reduction, thereby achieving operational efficiency.

Key challenges

  • Need to streamline production, business processes and data across multiple production facilities.​

  • Need to reduce charge-backs by accurate stock keeping, expiry management and demand forecasting.​

  • Align invoicing and payments reconciliation across all locations. ​

  • Reduce duplication of efforts across multiple systems to improve productivity. ​

  • Integration of systems between in-house and 3rd party supply chain partners to increase data visibility.


  • End-to-End implementation of customized Infor M3 ERP integrated for new stock check ability.

  • Creation of new integration cache filtering by company and warehouse

  • Implementation of demand planning, stock keeping and expiration management systems. ​

  • Data integration using event driven and API led connectivity providing for real-time stock check and inventory controls in USA and Canada.


  • Ability to forecast demand in real-time, leading to 20% reduction in inventory holding costs.

  • Data integrations across invoicing and payment reconciliation reduced charge-backs by 15%.​

  • Synchronization of systems and data across all production facilities translated to improved efficiency and  over $1 million in savings.

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