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Medical Consultation

Case Study: CortiCare

Use Case:

Remote Real-Time Monitoring using API integration and Web Services.

Company Synopsis:

  • Industry: Healthcare

  • Pioneers in remote continuous seizure monitoring in ICU, NICU, ED, and EMU. 

  • 60+ ABRET registered technologist, servicing hospitals, clinics and private practitioners.

  • Project: System integration of on-premise EEG applications to Corticloud for real-time brain activity monitoring and reporting.

Key challenges

  • Setting up monitoring in current hospital workflow/shift gaps.​

  • Connecting on premise patient information with Corticloud for monitoring and reporting.​

  • Integrating EEG systems with Corticloud and other 3rd party software.​

  • Patient on-boarding information, data security and timely notification to stakeholders to provide treatment and support.


  • Data integration using multiple custom API led connectivity across on-premise software and cloud applications. ​

  • Implementation on EEG, ECG monitoring solution with AWS DevOps and custom web solutions.​

  • Immediate reporting to stakeholders in cases of emergency.​

  • Integration with HIPAA compliant software to improve data security


  • Clinicians have access to real-time EEG, ECG monitoring and alerts in cost effective and timely manner.​

  • Services expanded to in-home ambulatory EEG and clinical trials due to open ended software integration.

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