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Truck and Warehouse

Case Study: Finning CAT

Use Case:

Implementation of ERP Solution for Scaling of Global Operations and Utilization Planning

Company Synopsis:

  • Industry: Equipment Rental


  • World’s largest Caterpillar dealer in selling, renting and servicing equipment across industries such as mining, construction, petroleum etc.


  • 13,000+ employees, operating in North & South America and Europe.

  • Project: Integration of M3 collaborator, system integration with 3rd party software and upgrading existing ERP to latest version of Infor M3.

Key challenges

  • Lot of dissimilar systems that need to be integrated. 

  • Need to utilize data on maintenance and scheduling of equipment.

  • Linking frontend e-commerce store to backend inventory through custom order management.

  • Need for Customer Lifecycle Management & Business Intelligence for data-driven decision making

  • Managing real-time demand and product stock in warehouse.


  • End-to-End implementation of customized M3 collaborator & upgrading to new Infor M3 ERP

  • Data integration of all CAT dealership interfaces and integration of 3rd party software VisionLink to manage maintenance and scheduling of equipment.

  • Customized backend workflow to collect order data from storefront and process it to relevant dealership for efficient inventory management.


  • Data integrations provided real-time  reduced improved performance, reduced cost and increased revenue.

  • Improved management of equipment breakdowns and swap outs.

  • Improved inventory management for customer requirements.

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