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Quiet Forest

Case Study: Roseburg Forest Products


Use Case:

Integration of JD Edwards ERP software with Infor Enterprise Asset Management system (EAM).

Company Synopsis:

  • Industry: Forest Products

  • Cultivate and manage over 630,000 acres of sustainable forest land.

  • Employs over 3000 employees and 80 communities in US.

  • Project: Developing an architecture that supports scaling of non-government liquor stores to integrate to the BC LDB platform through single sign-on and transact digitally by creating custom products.

Key challenges

  • Tracking real-time information on the performance of assets.

  • Tracking and ensuring maximum operating efficiency of its assets.

  • Managing availability of spare parts through supply chain and inventory management.

  • Preventive maintenance & scheduling to maximize line uptime of assets.

  • Improving productivity while reducing costs and keeping energy wastage low.


  • Integrate EAM with existing ERP using Infor ION and Ming.Le

  • Integrated business models such as asset hierarchy management,

  • budget management, inspection management, materials management & more for data mapping and equipping business units with data for decision-making.


  • One unified view of overall operations.

  • Accurate data reporting of asset maintenance and performance forecasts, allowing them to improve productivity and reduce costs.

  • Huge reduction in data processing and smooth flow of information between applications, analytics, social media and master data

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