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Case Study: The Diplomat Group

Use Case:


Implementation of ERP Solution for Scaling of Global Operations and Real-Time Data Visibility.

Company Synopsis:

  • Industry: Logistics & Distribution

  • Global leader in point-to-point logistics and transportation solutions provider with operations in 7 continents.

  • Project: Technology evaluation, transformation strategy and implementation to seamlessly integrate business functions such as sales, operations, inventory, omnichannel engagement and finances to achieve operational scalability.​

Key challenges

  • Transforming current infrastructure that is tightly coupled with point-to-point systems.

  • Under utilized data causing operational inefficiencies.

  • Limited visibility of data across functions such as inventory, sales & finance causing excessive rebates and charge-backs.

  • Lack of control & security over 3rd party applications.

  • Need for technology infrastructure in new office location & future markets.


  • End-to-End implementation of customized Infor M3 ERP.

  • Data integration using API led connectivity providing real-time data updates.

  • Data flow & control over all departments and global locations providing inventory reports, customer demand forecasts and billing information.

  • Open ended implementation allowing for future innovation.


  • Data integrations provided real-time  reduced charge-backs by 30%.

  • Ability to forecast demand in real-time, leading to 25% gain in operational productivity.

  • Synchronization of systems and data across 31 locations leading to over $1 million in savings.

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