Integration Products and Solutions by NeuSwyft

NeuSwyft Integration solutions automate:

  • Inventory and Product Catalog Multi Channel Integration

  • Warehouse Management System Integrations

  • Order and Delivery Management

  • B2B Integration

  • EDI transformation 

  • AR and AP Integration and Automation

  • 3PL automation

  • Trade and Logistics Integrations

  • PLM Integrations

  • Mobility solutions for managing Invoices and Inventory

  • Excel based uploads into your ERP

Inventory and Product Catalog Integration

  • Helps Optimize inventory to meet product availability and ROI goals 

  • Provides inventory visibility to supply chain partners 

  • Stating inventory accurately in financial reports

AR and AP automation for Banking

  • Create and reverse receipts.

  • Create miscellaneous (non-invoiced) transactions, such as interest, debits, or credits.

  • Clear and reconcile payments.

  • Undo the reconciled status of a reconciled payment.

Order and Delivery Management

Order management Integration with NeuSwyft simplifies order fulfillment, from managing inventory to ensuring timely delivery. We provide you with global interfaces that can work across various divisions.

EDI, B2B Integrations

Quickly enable EDI transformation for various vendors and work with our out of the box transformations. We keep our platforms abreast with latest data formats and adpaters for various B2B partners. You can assured of quick time to market with our services.

Item Data Management

Managing item data is typically a cumbersome, labor intensive and thus costly process for a company. Our Custom Item Data Interface module will allow you to efficiently share item related information with for instance a Product Lifecycle Management application or Catalogue. 

Warehouse/Logistics Integration

Warehouse Management Interfaces is a flexible solution that fulfills the complex requirements of supply chain interoperability. It enables you to reduce supply chain inventories and improve delivery accuracy.

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