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Infor ERP: The Next Level of Integration 

Integrated business systems lay the foundation of viability, profit, and overall success of a business enterprise engaged in manufacturing or distribution. The rugged and vigorous ERP system provided by Infor has all the necessary elements to optimize core operations.  

Infor ERP solutions have been serving medium-sized enterprises for more than thirty years. The solutions help users stay ahead of the curve, using products like Infor10 ERP Enterprise, Infor EAM and Infor M3.

The Overall Benefits of using Infor ERP

Preconfigured Industry Analytics- 

Infor ERP lets users secure fast and safe access to critical industry data through its in-house state-of-the-art industrial analytics. Explore and derive valuable insights through discrete chart templates. Put up accurate reports through numerous tools like varying data models, major key performance indicators, and industry-specific operational standards.  

Superlative Human Resource Management- 

Infor ERP houses an overarching and exhaustive human capital solution that helps users to maintain a discrete talent base of skillful and dexterous staff encompassing various spheres of business. 

Pre-emptive Planning and Scheduling- 

Using Infor ERP, make prompt and ad-hoc inquiries into the availability of required assets. Easy calibration of production schedules helps in fine-tuning customer expectations by providing users a real-time cause and effect analysis on work schedules and floors. 

For chalking out better production plans, users can also scale and monitor the demand for a product conveniently. 


The Infor ERP system is highly versatile offering top-notch integration solutions via two channels.  

  • On-Premise deployment of Infor ERP solutions to organize and maintain user’s data on the internal servers that they host binding together systems, processes, and users. 


  • Infor Cloudsuite solutions made to cater distinctively cater to different businesses including restaurants, automotive businesses, and service businesses.

What to expect with Infor ERP Implementation?

  • Better inventory control

  • Reduced management and overhead costs

  • Automate operations for increased productivity

  • End-to-end Infor M3 implementation and data integration 

  • Forecast real-time demand and stocks

  • Better asset management with Infor EAM

  • Process improvement with an easy-to-use interface 

  • Quicker response time with better budgeting 

  • Data mapping for better decision making


Why Infor ERP for Integration? 

Infor ERP systems are a one-stop solution for addressing chaotic data transfers, time-consuming processes, and security gaps that result from the use of disparate applications. Focus on the two things that matter to you the most – productivity and profitability.   

Nothing compares to the fully integrated suite of Infor ERP applications that provide a fully intuitive platform that supports ease in conducting major data-driven tasks.


Through Infor ERP, users can address and reduce discrepancies to weed out excess costs and reducible errors. By leveraging user dashboards, pie-charts, bar-graphs that depict the best industrial analysis, companies can implement innovative strategies to be ahead of the curve. 

The Infor Cloudsuite comprises a vibrant system of notifications and scheduling tools that can be ported to any device. Other tools like the Production planner can help in developing a correct response to anomalies in supply-chain lifecycles.  

Talk to us about your Info ERP Needs

Neuswyft offers Infor ERP solutions for every business. We can help you with:

  • Initial ERP software review

  • ERP implementation and customization

  • Infor ERP support and training 

It’s time to prepare your business for tomorrow’s challenges. Talk to us to know more.

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