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5 Common Challenges on Integrating ERP with eCommerce

Integrating your ERP with your eCommerce solution is the foundation for business success. You can integrate vital business processes and strive to offer the best omnichannel customer experience.

However, many businesses fail to deliver value from the integration due to various causes. Here are the top challenges of ERP-to-eCommerce integration you should be aware of.

  1. Lack of Goals

Every integration project should bring in some business benefits. You will derive no value if you integrate just for the sake of it. As a result, you should have clear goals, to begin with.

You must have a clear idea of-

  • Quantifiable growth that will result from integration

  • How it will improve your customer experience

  • Resulting revenues or sales growth

Set your goals before you work the nitty-gritty of your ERP-to-eCommerce integration for a successful project.

2. Misunderstanding of Requirements

Understanding what needs to be integrated is essential to generate value. Many businesses integrate elements that don’t lead to any business advantages. Naturally, not having a clear picture of your requirements can make your integration fail.

Work what you need to integrate and why. Your goals will guide you to develop a fitting list of requirements your integration needs to fulfill.

3. Lack of Talent

Integration is not an easy task. You need proper technical knowledge and expertise to integrate software and apps. Most businesses don’t have the in-house talent to take on an integration project of a big scale. Additionally, many organizations cannot afford to hire and pay for additional staff.

Working with an integration partner can be a great way to access on-demand talent. Our team at Neuswyft can integrate your ERP with your eCommerce solution at cost-effective rates. We can provide you adept consultation and the resources to help you achieve business success.

Outsourcing your integration project also lets you cash in on a global talent pool.

4. Choosing the Wrong Resources

This is primarily a no-brainer. You will not be able to choose the right resources for your integration project if you don’t have in-house talent. However, you can’t afford to go the wrong way as your investment will be at risk.

Working with Neuswyft helps you eliminate all worries. Our integration experts will assess your situation and come up with custom solutions that work best. You will not have to bother yourself with selecting tools, middleware, or cloud providers, ever.

We will do it all!

5. Lack of Training

Your employees will be the ones to use applications and tools on a daily basis. An integration project may need your staff to acquire new knowledge or understanding. Additionally, any stakeholder using your services might also need awareness to utilize the integration.

Your integration partner can provide the required training to your staff. Neuswyft can train your employees to use any new middleware, APIs, or techniques. Our team can also help third-party services that connect to you to familiarize with the changes.

Final Thoughts

Businesses need solid guidance and expertise to overcome ERP-to-eCommerce integration challenges. Neuswyft can be your companion in growth and create a connected ecosystem for your business. Contact us today to know how we can help.

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