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5 Key Takeaways from System Integration Market 2020

Data Bridge Market Research has released the System Integration Market 2020 recently. The report highlights the growth and trends of the global system integration market from emerging markets.

Neuswyft decided to explore the report and highlight 5 key takeaways for 2021 and beyond. Here are the most vital aspects that stand out.

System Integration Market is Growing Steadily

The international system integration market is expected to reach $601.95 billion by 2026. The market is expected to prosper at a CAGR of 8.2% till 2026, up from $320.44 billion in 2018.

The increased demand for automation and connected systems is leading to the growth of the system integration market. Advancing cloud solutions and more investments by brands are also adding to the growth.

Plus, the expansion of virtualization is also responsible.

Industries are Integrating Rapidly

System integration was limited to a few industries in the beginning. However, recent findings show more and more industries are realizing the benefits of unifying their data and systems.

A range of industries are going for integration, and their number is expected to grow in 2021. Some popular industries include finance, government, manufacturing, retail, oil, gas, energy, and telecommunications.

Cloud and network integration are also emerging as a top choice for most industries. As a result, integration consulting is in high demand.

Countries Leading the Growth Graph

The whole world has seen a push for integration of systems and data. But some geographical locations are ahead of others when it comes to unifying infrastructures.

North America and Canada are two strong markets for system and application integration. Brazil and Argentina stand out in South America, along with a few regional players. Mexico is also a key player.

Several countries in Europe have also joined in the race. Germany, the UK, France, and others are competing for the top position.

Africa, Middle East, and Asian countries are also showing strong growth.

Security and Social App Integrations are Popular

Application integration is climbing the ladders of demand quickly. A vast range of apps is benefiting from the connected ecosystem. Integrated security software is now quite popular and helps protect your investments and infrastructure.

We are also experiencing a strong push to integrate social software. Data integration and unified communication apps are on the list too.

Market Restrains Still Exist

The growth of system integration is interrupted by a few factors we need to address soon. High costs of implementation are still making entrepreneurs unsure about integration. Additionally, the time it takes to implement integrations is not affordable for many businesses.

Moreover, a lack of standardized infrastructure also makes matters worse.

2021 for System Integration Growth

System integration will resolve the challenges in 2021 and grow seamlessly. Businesses should work with reliable partners like Neuswyft to ensure a smooth integration process. We help you unify your systems, data, and apps with the least disruptions. Our team uses credible middleware to connect your infrastructure and create a connected ecosystem.

Get in touch with us to discuss your integration needs. Our team is ready to help you out.

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