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Cyber-crime Considerations for your Current Systems, Integrations and Overall Ecosystem

Cybercrime is on the rise again! Just days back, Garmin speculatively paid 10 million dollars to Russian hackers in the case of a ransomware attack. Additionally, KPMG says cyberattacks are on the rise due to the pandemic and increased use of remote working. 

Naturally, a business should do everything in its power to shield data and operations from evil hands. Working with a reliable tech partner can help you stay proactive and beef up your security systems.  NeuSwyft can enable enterprises to achieve end-to-end security to protect data and systems. Let's take a look at how we make it possible!

Foolproof Encryption

Encryption is the most basic yet effective way of protecting your data. NeuSwyft uses advanced RSA-based algorithms that are considered to be most secure in the industry. The algorithm is really hard to break as the method uses separate keys to encrypt and decrypt data.

We can combine RSA with other encryption methods for application in countless different systems. Proper encryption can put off most ransomware attacks and keep your data and money safe.

Always Proactive

Being proactive is the best way to detect cyber threats as they arise. Our engineers are always monitoring your infrastructures when you opt for our managed services. We even have strong security protocols and firewalls in place to ensure timely notifications in case anything goes wrong. 

As a result, you can take quick actions to eliminate any downtime. Keeping your business up and running is key to avoid substantial financial losses. Garmin took almost 5-days to get back online, and by then, the disruption of services had added to humongous losses.  So, staying proactive is the best way to avoid getting hunted down by cybercriminals. We can even secure your on-premise infrastructure and systems to ward of all prying eyes.

Comprehensive Audits

Audits are crucial to determine the security status of your enterprise. Our team can run cybercrime audits for your data, systems, applications, system integrations, and more to let you know where you stand. 

We will also devise solutions and measures and help you implement them effectively. Our team will find all the security gaps and work with you to bridge them without compromise. 

Adept Consultation and Guidance

We are your right partner to show you the way towards resiliency. We can help you build a secure environment and provide all the necessary guidance. You can also depend on us for sound consultation for creating robust systems that prevent any unauthorized access.

Our team works with your employees to improve security and assist them with cybersecurity best practices. We even provide training and arrange workshops for optimum results. 

Final Thoughts

Ensuring proper cybersecurity is a full-time job. You can't let your eyes off things, as even a few seconds can turn out costly. Get in touch with us to secure your infrastructure and systems.

We can provide you all the resources, tools, and knowledge to improve your safeguards. Our team can even do the task for you - so that you are free to enjoy only high levels of protection.

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