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DevOps Future Scope Makes it Ripe for Adoption

Surveys say how more organizations are implementing DevOps strategies today than ever before. For one, DevOps helps enterprises improve their products at a higher rate than most other traditional methods.

DevOps has traveled a long way since the term was coined a decade back. The agile approach has turned into effective methodologies used by both software and IT teams.

DevOps is being widely implemented by enterprises, and the global market is set to reach $10.31 billion by 2023. Several factors, like lowering costs and flexibility, will see DevOps generating a huge demand in the coming years.

In this respect, the future of DevOps brings an increased scope for easy adoption of the approach. We will explore why it's the right time for organizations to switch to agile development and operations.

But first, a few words on the technology.

What is DevOps

DevOps is the coming together of software development and IT operations. You can gain a complete picture of your enterprise's pipeline and cut down on redundancies. The approach bridges the gap between product development and support. It also removes silos that haunted organizations.

DevOps can facilitate seamless collaboration between developers, QA, managers, and the end customers. You can take advantage of smart automation to shorten your development and implementation. Enterprises can also market faster and generate quicker returns.

DevOps has been developing over the years to include a number of tools and techniques. We have also seen a change from a focus on codes to microservices and cloud-native applications.

The promising DevOps future makes it the right time for entrepreneurs to look into its benefits. The technology will slowly become a necessity, so early adopters will always reap more benefits.

Our DevOps experts can help you make the move to agile with full competence and success. Next, we will see why DevOps is so crucial for businesses to thrive in the coming years.

Why do You Need to Implement DevOps?

Adopting a DevOps culture means adapting agile development ideas that are quick and resourceful.

There is no single team that is responsible for delivering a set of features or even stability. When you adopt a DevOps culture, the entire team has an insight on the performance of the application and the procedure in all.

Here is why you might want to take a look at implementing DevOps in your organization.

1. Quick innovation and deployment

One of the driving reasons for companies that succeed is quick innovation. You don’t want to extend cycle times. This happens when it is difficult to understand if the application is working. Implementing DevOps helps in joint efforts from both the development and operations teams for a better and quicker output.

2. Seamless Communication

Better communication between teams helps develop productive performance. As all the teams work towards the same goal, the process no longer stops or pauses for a team to resolve it. It can be handled by all teams now given the transparency of the job.

3. Reduced Cost and lesser chance of failures

Incorporating a DevOps culture not only lowers the cost of staff but also the overall IT costs significantly.

With more efficiency, the chances of error are reduced. DevOps tasks can also be automated and can lessen the manual work needed in the process.

How Will You Organization Benefit?

Let’s think about it from the point of view of developers. The agile programming principles reduce the failure rates to quite an extent. As the teams work on short development cycles, DevOps promotes code revisions. This makes detecting and defects or errors in the code easy and fast.

DevOps Future: Optimum Security for Continuous Protection

Businesses are increasingly going for automation. In fact, the very basic of DevOps is automation in the right way. Additionally, enterprises will depend more on cloud architectures for running applications and operations.

This brings the need for higher security measures to protect your organization. Thankfully, DevOps can help you with continuous protection and proactive measures to rule out threats.

DevOps engineers are uniquely positioned to write and deploy secure codes. They can go in effect without disrupting any workflow. The technology is perfect for combining detection, protection, and prevention into your pipeline. DevOps helps you act before threats take a toll on your production environment.

The use of CI/CD can help in the process by enabling rapid changes. You can always stay sensitive to customer needs without exceptions. Additionally, you can align your processes with changing corporate requirements.

  • Ongoing security can help you-

  • Improve the efficiency of your operations

  • Create a more conducive production environment

  • Improve scalability of cloud experience

  • Easily identify vulnerabilities

  • Generate more ROI

DevOps Future Scope will Make Your Applications Highly Configurable

The future of DevOps holds true potential to make your applications highly configurable. You can make changes or add functionalities on the fly without disrupting other aspects of the application.

Our team can develop and deploy microservices independently. We can create the perfect microservices architecture that allows you to make small yet valuable changes. You can even test them without hassles as they are more robust and reliable.

This approach helps you meet the unique need of your customers. You can provide what your clients ask without deploying separate applications. Customers can easily activate or deactivate microservices and take advantage of the feature you want to deploy.

Serverless architectures can also help in quicker deployments of changes. You can also aim for better user experience while improving both scalability and productivity.

DevOps Future will Go Cloud-Native for Marketing Faster

Every business wants to shorten the sales cycle and market faster. DevOps, with its cloud-native approach, is the right way to make your products reach faster to customers.

How can Cloud-Native Help

Going cloud-native helps you take advantage of cloud automation. You can automate the whole process of installing, configuring, and managing cloud-based services. As a result, you can aim to drive innovations and provide a great customer experience.

More and more enterprises are going cloud-native for the added advantages. By 2025, Oracle predicts 80% of enterprises will move to the cloud. You should also make a plan to switch to the cloud to stay competitive and relevant.

Final Thoughts

The DevOps market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 19.1% driven by various needs like client satisfaction. As adoption steadily increases, you should create a strategy to go agile and enhance your development and IT operations.

We are your ideal companion to pave the way for a smooth adoption and enjoy the efficiencies of DevOps. Let us help you make the transformation with as few disruptions as possible.

Contact us to know more.

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