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Does Your Business Needs DevOps?

The market for DevOps will grow to $10.31 billion by 2023, at an impressive CAGR of 24.7%. As we look around, we see more and more businesses adopting DevOps. Some even tout it as the solution for all the problems you face.

But does DevOps make sense for all companies? Do you need to switch to DevOps too?

Experts believe not all businesses may benefit from DevOps. However, the number of businesses that don't need DevOps is small. So, when does DevOps actually work out?

Your Produce Software or Apps

Businesses that develop apps or software as products need DevOps. The approach can help you deploy 200-times faster. You may also be able to recover 24-times faster. Additionally, you will be able to create more resilient products that fail less often.

However, businesses that don't produce software may not need DevOps. Firms that use third-party services may also not have the use for DevOps. For example, a company using an app to digitize their data entry may not have use for DevOps.

But if you develop software for production, you might benefit from DevOps. It will lead to more innovation and reliability of your products.

You Have Departmental Silos

DevOps is a culture that focuses on collaboration. You can adopt the culture of DevOps even if you don't deal with software.

DevOps relies on collaboration between the developers and the operations teams. Both of them work together to break silos and facilitate the free flow of information.

Businesses that still operate in fragmented silos may use DevOps culture to promote collaboration. You can also use DevOps resources, like a cloud platform, to help your team members stay on the same page.

You Experience Frequent Disruptions

Disruptions in business can result in financial loss. Adopting DevOps can create a domino reaction where your other operations benefit from the approach. For example, companies that adopt DevOps experience 60% less downtime.

Additionally, you become prepared to react to market changes faster.

The DevOps culture is apt to help you reduce disruptions and react to events much faster.

Focus on DevOps Culture

Experts suggest concentrating on the values created by the adoption of the DevOps culture. You need not worry about DevOps practices or methodologies to enjoy benefits like innovation and quick testing of ideas.

DevOps encourages transparency and end-to-end accountability. Team members are more motivated and not afraid to contribute their part, even if they fail. DevOps teaches people to embrace failure and learn from it.

As a result, you can get a dedicated team that learns quickly for more productivity.

Work with a DevOps Consultant

General businesses may not have a proper understanding of DevOps culture. It's better to work with an expert who can guide you down the right path. You will be able to implement a DevOps culture with step-by-step assistance. Our team at NeuSwyft is ready to lend a helping hand and become your personal guide for success. Get in touch with us to know how you can adopt DevOps for your organization.

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