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How DevOps Can Ensure App Security

Security is a top concern for all businesses in app development. The need to become resilient is understandable, with 11 data breaches happening daily in 2019. We can dig up more numbers to state the need for app security, but businesses are more than aware.

Developers that adopt DevOps can do better in application security. Businesses will be able to make safety a part of the development process and create secure and reliable apps.

Let’s see how DevOps can help you build a safe and secure app in less time.

The Coming of DevSecOps

DevOps meant the coming together of the development and operations team. Now, you can also incorporate your security team in the process for more safety. Security experts can work with developers and operations to create apps that stand the test of hackers and cybercriminals.

Businesses can incorporate security measures in the development process and test their apps for resiliency. You don’t have to build your app and wait for any security breaches to test its strength.

Instead, you can develop your app keeping all security concerns in mind. Your app will be more prepared and empowered to withstand cybercrime and protect your customers.

Automated Security Tests

DevOps implies continuous testing to ensure your products never face any downtime. Developers take advantage of integrated testing methods and CI/CD tools to enable almost real-time testing. An integrated development environment (IDE) also goes a long way to facilitate seamless testing.

Using the same ways, you can integrate and automate app security tests. Developers can run the tests to discover security gaps and bugs during coding and weed them out. The process is just like using an automated spelling checking tool and lets developers zero in on security flaws as they code.

Businesses can create more secure apps and save costly rework or fixes by using integrated testing methods.

App Security as a Common Goal

DevOps implies end-to-end responsibility. Both the developers and operations team put their minds together to create products that are very less likely to fail. Under DevOps, everyone is responsible for the effective working and performance of products.

In the same way, you can set up responsibility for app security for your DevOps or DevSecOps teams. Everyone will work together to eliminate security flaws and ensure the app is able to ward off cyberattacks.

You may need to train your developers on the fundamentals of secure coding for this purpose. Businesses may focus on the following to train developers:

Threat modeling to help developers understand how bad guys think

  • Different types of attacks like SQL and XSS

  • Session management techniques and broken authentication

  • How to filter, sanitize, and whitelist files and user inputs

  • Common security misconfigurations

Your business objectives and industry will also influence the topics for training.

Final Thoughts

DevOps can help businesses incorporate security in the development process. It will no longer be an afterthought and allow the development of secure and reliable apps. Neuswyft can be your DevOps partner to help you build resilient apps that your customers trust. Contact us to know more.

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