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How DevOps Guarantees Top-Notch App Security

Today, a host of cyber threats and criminals plague any business connected to technology. As a result, security is a top concern for any entrepreneur. However, you can't view app security as an afterthought to be attended to once development is over.

Rather, you need to get proactive and instill a culture of security right from the ideation stage. Let's explore how DevOps can help you tighten app security for more resilience and safety.

Developers Take Responsibility

DevOps reduces development failures by assuming everything that can go wrong with an app. In the same way, DevOps can reduce security risks by assuming every threat that exists out there.

The process helps developers empower their apps to deal with possible security breaches. They test the apps for hacks, intrusions, or data breaches to close any existing gaps.

DevOps helps you build apps that are programmed to withstand failures and security threats.

Continuous Monitoring and Assurance

DevOps lets organizations automate testing to enable continuous testing. The same approach is ideal for automating monitoring and security assurance. You don't need a security expert to stay glued to the screen to identify or track threats.

Instead, your automated tools can do the heavy lifting and alert you instantly when something is suspicious. Additionally, automation eliminates human errors and makes way for accurate monitoring. You are less likely to miss intrusions or attacks as the monitoring is done by software instead of humans.

Security Tools in CI/CD Pipelines

Continuous integration and continuous delivery are integral parts of DevOps. The two techniques help businesses deliver code changes quickly and easily. Now, you can incorporate security tools into your CI/CD pipelines to safeguard your app effectively.

For example, you can incorporate tools or strategies like:

  • Application security testing

  • Software composition analysis tools

  • Cloud-based tools to strengthen infrastructure

You can plug many open-source security tools into your CI/CD without issues. Businesses can also find paid tools that align well with their CI/CD pipelines.

Quick Recovery

DevOps can help businesses get back online even in the case of compromises. How is that possible?

DevOps helps you release or deploy your app in increments. You run your app on the power of microservices and independent modules following a modular structure. As a result, cybercriminals have fewer chances of taking down your whole app.

Your business can get back to its feet quickly by fixing a few features or functions that are compromised. You can keep on providing services as your whole app doesn't shut down.

Protection of IP

DevOps ensures your source codes for intellectual properties are available only to users with the right credentials. Additionally, you won't find build and test scripts that reveal credentials to compromise systems hosting your IP.

Moreover, your IP is also stored on different archives for maximum security.

Final Thoughts

DevOps brings a culture of security to your organization and establishes end-to-end responsibility. You can create apps that are resilient to attacks or unauthorized access. Plus, businesses can automate monitoring and security assurance for more protection. Contact us to boost your app security and take advantage of the best DevOps security methodologies.

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