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How No-Code will Revolutionize DevOps

No-code or low-code tools are growing in popularity across DevOps teams worldwide. 56% of all coders today take advantage of the minimum coding approach to release faster. Additionally, 10% of professionals rely on no-code solutions as they don’t have coding knowledge.

The push for no-code is strong and has received more traction due to COVID-19. Businesses are forced to release quicker due to increased demand for going digital. Statistics also show 71% of organizations that rely on no-code adopted it in 2020.

No-code is a welcome movement for DevOps and brings significant value. Let’s explore how no-code can truly be a game-changer for agile development and create revolutionary changes.

Rapid Prototyping

No-code tools can allow developers to prototype faster. You can create proofs-of-concept in a jiffy without hiring more developers. As a result, you can validate your ideas efficiently without investing too many resources.

38% of developers today use no-code to create prototypes to gain a competitive edge.

More Innovation

No-code solutions let developers focus on what’s important. They do not have to waste time on what tools can handle. Therefore, they can concentrate on creating more innovative products with the conserved resources.

Additionally, you can now create prototypes faster and at less cost to turn heads in your industry.

Productivity Boost

DevOps teams work under tremendous pressure. No-code tools can reduce workload and free up precious hours for each coder. Therefore, businesses can expect a considerable boost in productivity.

In addition, developers can experience less stress and save their effort. They can, at last, do what they are best at, i.e., solving problems and fostering innovation.

High Coding Quality

No-code frameworks reduce the need for writing endless lines of code. You can rely on your tool to facilitate development without constant human intervention.

Therefore, you can rule out all the bugs and inaccuracies that come with human coding. Businesses will be able to achieve high code quality and build reliable products to charm customers.

Moreover, you can also streamline your testing workflow as you are sure of your coding quality.

Changing Role of DevOps Teams under No-Code

Developers will take on new roles and responsibilities with the coming of no-code. We can expect exciting career paths like no-code consulting that will benefit both businesses and professionals.

In addition, the responsibility of DevOps will shift to optimizing processes and finding more ways to automate workflow. They can move from their traditional roles and participate in making strategic technical decisions.

Moreover, DevOps teams will be able to drive digital transformations faster and at scale. They can help early adopters of no-code to reap the advantages and achieve business growth.

Final Thoughts

No-code tools will change the course of DevOps and unleash new horizons. From building faster prototypes to boosting productivity, the low-code approach is worth considering. Additionally, it can help businesses develop faster with fewer bugs and errors. You can also market quicker and release innovative products to woo your customers.

Neuswyft can be your DevOps partner and help you achieve new heights. Contact us today to know how we can optimize your business processes.

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