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How Not to Overdo DevOps Automation

DevOps relies majorly on automation to enable quick releases. Many traditional processes are now automated under DevOps practices. However, some companies are going overboard and doing too much DevOps automation. They are connecting so many tools and processes that productivity is going down the drain.

So, how do you ensure you are automating right?

Assess Your Needs

Not all businesses are the same. Just because Amazon is automating 90% of its processes, you don't need to do the same while implementing DevOps.

Understand that your business is unique with unique needs. You can't just blindly copy the automation model of another company. Rather, you need to take a careful look at your organization.

It's only after comprehensive assessment you will be able to uncover processes to automate. So, spend adequate time to know what you need to automate.

Track Your Processes

You need to track the processes in your development cycle before you can automate them. Pick up a process and then look into the sub-processes. You can start with your meta development processes and work your way into sub-processes.

Now take note of the sub-processes that are ideal candidates for DevOps automation.

Improve Your Processes

You can only benefit from DevOps when you automate proper processes. If your processes are flawed, to begin with, you will never get benefit from automating. You will just be putting your unproductive processes on repeat.

So, the first thing to do is to optimize your processes. Make them perfect before you put them through DevOps automation.

Focus on High-Volume Activities

Automating just because you can is not the way to go ahead. You won't get many benefits by automating tasks that are low-volume and need less effort or manpower.

For example, it's not worth automating your updates if you do it once in three months. However, businesses that push several changes daily or weekly should obviously automate the task.

So, focus on tasks that will really save you time, money, and effort after automation.

Don't Get Excited by DevOps Tools

DevOps solutions providers can get you worked up by showing what they are doing for Netflix. However, what works for Netflix may not be suitable for your needs. For all we know, your company could be selling mixers and grinders for the last ten years!

The task of choosing DevOps tools should be left for the last. You should start looking for tools only when you know what to automate. Then you can choose a tool that is fit for automating the process you need.

The wrong way is to choose tools first and then focus on your processes. Don't ever make this mistake!

Work with an Adept Consultant

Determine what to automate can be challenging if you don't have a deep understanding of DevOps. That's why it makes sense to work with an expert DevOps consultant to make the transformation. NeuSwyft is ready to lend a helping hand and offer top consultation to make you DevOps-ready. We will track what to automate, which tools to use, and how to move forward for the best gains.

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