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The 5 Core Tenets of DevOps Culture

DevOps is creating an uproar in the software development industry. Most people view DevOps as a set of methodologies to market software faster. However, DevOps is a culture before everything else. Businesses need to adapt and create the DevOps culture in their organization to benefit from the concept.

Keeping all tech and tools aside, let's dive into the core tenets of DevOps culture.

  1. Collaboration

Collaboration is the key to DevOps success. You have to develop seamless collaboration between your developers and operations for quick releases. Collaboration between the teams will also help overcome and reduce failures.

DevOps needs your team to work as a whole with constant communication. Each team member will deeply understand processes and create more reliable systems.

Create a friendly work environment where everyone can chip in without apprehensions. Give your team the tools to collaborate, like a cloud platform.

2. Everyone is Accountable

Software development used to happen in silos. The responsibility of developers would be over after writing the codes. If anything went wrong, the ops team had to step in to manage things.

DevOps creates a culture where everyone is responsible for the success of the product. As a result, you need to establish end-to-end responsibility throughout your organization. Each member of the team should know his duties and work together to achieve the business objectives.

3. Everything in Increments

DevOps works in incremental steps. Whether it's a new feature or functions, DevOps stresses working in small chunks. This way, you don't have to disrupt your entire operations.

DevOps uses technologies like continuous integration and continuous development for working in small steps. Several tools help DevOps professionals to implement, test, or configure apps with a few lines of code. You don't need to make massive changes or go for a complete overhaul.

Naturally, this also helps you react to market changes faster.

4. Automate Intelligently

Some people think DevOps relies fully on automation. They suggest automating anything and everything you can lay your hands on. However, that's not the right way to go about.

DevOps encourages automation only when it makes the business case. For instance, you can even automate infrastructure by treating it as a code.

DevOps doesn't ask you to automate where there are no benefits. For example, you may not get many benefits by automating low-volume processes that need fewer hands.

5. Accept Failures

DevOps teaches you to view failures as opportunities for learning. Even though DevOps reduces both the number and seriousness of failures, they are still inevitable.

As a result, accept failures and use them to learn what went wrong. Only then can you learn from your mistakes and develop more robust products.

Final Thoughts

Try to develop the culture DevOps needs to flourish in your organization. You can always go for a professional consultation if you lack in-house talent. NeuSwyft can be your adept partner to adopt DevOps and help you make the switch smoothly like a knife going through butter! Get in touch with us to know how you can implement DevOps and adopt the culture.

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