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The Top System Integration Myths Busted

System Integration Myths BustedSystem integration is a sure way to improve business efficiency and productivity. However, some businesses are still unsure about whether to make a move. We understand this is majorly due to some myths or misconceptions around system and software integration.

In this post, we will break down the system integration myths that are holding back your business growth.

System Integration is Too Complex

Complexity is a key factor that makes many businesses choose not to walk the path of integration. However, complexity is not an issue as modern technology is designed for seamless integration.

Traditional methods like point-to-point integration with its limitations are still strong on the mind of entrepreneurs. But now, you can use efficient middleware or even APIs to integrate without difficulties.

Working with the right integration partner will ensure you don't have to deal with any complexities.

You Need Too Much Time

There's no doubt integrating your disparate systems, data, and apps can take time. Businesses think of integration as another IT project full of investments and complexities. However, modern integration techniques are meant to save time.

System integration is not another implementation. You don't need to create separate integrations for your apps or data. Solutions like middleware can easily connect your disparate systems right out-of-the-box.

Plus, think of all the time you can save once the integration is over. You will not need to enter data only once and can automate a range of processes. Additionally, technologies like AI and ML can even further reduce your effort and time.

It's necessary to look at the big picture to make up your mind.

We Can do Without System Integration

This is one of the biggest myths around system integration. Unless you develop your systems with interconnectivity, you will need to integrate your resources at some point in time. Businesses generally feel the need of integration when they grow or scale. Your business may not have yet reached the stage to feel the need for integration.

However, you will soon realize you need to tie your systems together to-

· Automate processes and improve efficiency

· Speed up leads times and order fulfillment

· Reduce manual tasks and data entry

· Enjoy better data accuracy and productivity

System Integration is Expensive

Some businesses think of system integration as a major investment. They are not aware of the benefits and can't realize the returns integration can bring.

To clear your doubts, system integration is not always expensive. Hiring system integrators can be costly, but that's not always required. You can always work with an integration partner like Neuswyft and pay for what you use.

Plus, you can integrate in increments to distribute your cost. We can also help you save by using existing solutions instead of coding your integrations from scratch.

Final Thoughts

Don't let system integration myths hold back your business growth. It's an investment that fetches guaranteed returns you can see with your eyes. From cost savings to satisfied customers, system integration is the way to beat your competitors and win the edge. Contact us today to integrate your data and systems.

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