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'Transfer to FAM is in progress' error in CAS950

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

Time and again when we are trying trying to start a job in 'Internal Account Entry. Create' (CAS950), I receive a warning message stating 'Transfer to FAM in progress'. Here are some resolutions to this issue:

The warning message appears because there is an ongoing CAS950/CAS960 job or such a job has got stuck in the system. When you get this kind of warning message it is most important to check if the earlier job is actually still in progress or if it has been interrupted. You should contact the person that started the earlier job and ask him/her about the status. To find out who started the earlier job, you could search MNS250 (Use Inquiry type 2 (File) and then fill-up the File field with 'CAS95'). There could be a number of reasons for why this problem would occur and the solution would be different for different situations. You need to find out the exact circumstances before taking any further action. If you are the least uncertain about how to proceed, please contact Lawson Global Support for assistance.

Situation A

If the earlier job is in a job queue waiting for processing, or if it is being processed right now, then you should not do anything further about this job, but to wait for it to finish.

Situation B

If the earlier job has been interrupted, you should first check if the job has ended up in GLS047 or GLS037, to handle it there. Part of the voucher might also have been updated in the general ledger, so GLS200 should be checked as well. If the voucher can be found in GLS047/GLS037/GLS200 and you come to the conclusion that it needs to be reversed, you will have to remove it from CINACC as well, before the involved transactions can be transferred again to the general ledger via CAS950/CAS960.

Situation C

If the job has been interrupted, but you can not find any trace of it in GLS047 or GLS037 (and no incomplete voucher has been updated in GLS200), then you could probably start a new job in CAS950/CAS960 after having removed the indicator that tells that the earlier job is still in progress.To unlock CAS950/CAS960, function'CA01' (Reset indicat for transf internal acc to FAM [CAS950/CAS960]) in 'Program Problem. Solve' (CRS418) can be used. When a CAS950/CAS960 job is run, there is an indicator in table CSYTAB (System Tables) for which the value in column CTSTCO is 'CAS960' to avoid that two CAS950/CAS960 jobs are run at the same time. Normally, this indicator is cleared when the job has finished, but if the job did not end normally, then it might be necessary to clear this indicator manually via CRS418, 'CA01'.

Before using 'CA01' in CRS418 in Situation B, described here above, GLS047, GLS037 and GLS200 should be checked to verify if the earlier CAS960 job has ended up there. If an interrupted job can be found there, this job must be handled before 'CA01' is used. Afterwards 'CA01' can be used for this particular voucher number to reverse the job in CINACC, as the transactions in CINACC have been marked as transferred to FAM as well as been marked with accounting date, year, voucher series and voucher number. After use of 'CA01', CAS960 can be started again to transfer these transactions once more to the general ledger. If no voucher number is entered when starting 'CA01' in CRS418, only the indicator for transfer of internal accounting entries to FAM is reset (in CINACC). This can be used in Situation C, described here above.

This is how 'CA01' in CRS418 is used:

1) In CRS418/B select 'CA01' (right click option Select).

2) Once in CRS418/E: - For situation B: fill in the voucher number and the accounting year for the voucher that was not transferred correctly to the general ledger in the earlier CAS950/CAS960 run. - For situation C: leave the fields for voucher number and accounting year blank.

3) Click 'Next' button and confirm the warning messages.

Any such day to day issues please let us know and we are always looking to share our experiences.

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