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Why do Businesses Need Cloud to Transform Digitally?

88% of businesses use cloud in some way or the other. In addition, 25% of decision-makers plan to shift all applications to the cloud by the end of the year.

No doubt, cloud is an instrumental force to hasten IT modernization. Businesses that want to transform digitally are looking to increase investment in cloud computing. But why is cloud such a necessary foundation for digital transformations?

Let’s find out!

Cloud Makes You Agile

Cloud is the basic requirement to achieve agility. You can take advantage of cloud-based tools, software, and processes to create a connected ecosystem. Moving to cloud improves transparency and gives businesses full visibility into operations.

In addition, organizations can drop monolith infrastructures to shift to innovations like Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). Businesses can also break out of silos and ensure the free flow of information for better insights.

Moreover, cloud prepares organizations to meet market changes with more confidence.

Real-Time Decision Making

Businesses want to transform digitally to get real-time insight into their operations. Cloud can be the foundation to connect your array of tools and services. You can source data from countless channels and run analysis on the cloud without changing environments.

As a result, you know what is going on with your business in real-time. You do not have to wait for someone to fetch the data, go through spreadsheets, or file a report. A click of a button can reveal vital analytics and performance metrics to drive meaningful insights.

Therefore, cloud can empower you to make real-time decisions that have a deep business impact.

Ease of Scaling

What’s the use of digitally transforming your business if you can’t scale when you need?

Cloud computing eliminates the need for owning expensive hardware. You can scale your business when needed by requesting additional server resources. In addition, you can take advantage of horizontal scaling and share your workload across several servers.

Moreover, you can scale down easily when demand is low. All you need is to upgrade or choose a lower plan to scale as you need.

Secure Infrastructure

Cloud is now a proven model to build secure infrastructure. You can implement strong security protocols to secure your investment, like web application firewalls and encryption. Businesses can rely on secure environments to develop products and robust safeguards to protect customer data and privacy.

Best of all, businesses need not worry about security challenges. Many cloud providers offer security packages and secure platforms to carry on your operations without any worries.

Final Thoughts

Cloud is the basis of modern development trends and practices. DevOps, microservices, CI/CD all rely on cloud to bring business advantages. You can also deploy much quicker and release much faster based on cloud technologies.

Businesses cannot afford to miss out on cloud if they want to future-proof their organization. Along with that, cloud computing can bring increased efficiencies, boost productivity, and improve your bottom line.

Get in touch with us to enjoy the best of cloud for your business. We can also help you transform digitally and help you break out of your silos.

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